Monday, August 15, 2011

blogging hiatus

Hello all! Needless to say, this blog has been absolutely silent as of late. I've been doing a lot of organizing and planning for the big move to Bloomington. Last Saturday I packed up all my stuff in La Crosse and transported it to Sun Prairie, so I'm home now until the 24th. I have A LOT of photos to share in the coming weeks, and I'm going to get back to my weekly stellar shops and poetry Sunday posts. I just needed a little breather. Extreme busy-ness and the cocktail of excitement, anxiety, and apprehension that a monumental life change brings combined with a feeling of why am I blogging? Is anyone even reading this? I'm spending too much time and receiving crickets...

I'm curious... Who is reading? How did you find me? Do you have a blog? What would you like to see more of here in this space?

I love the interactivity that blogs provide and I'd like to facilitate more of it here. Comments have been a big motivator for me to continue coming up with new material and taking the time to write in this space. I was a longtime creeper on blogs that I love without officially becoming a follower for about a year, so I understand. It can be awkward to announce to a blogger (especially a beginning blogger with only a small amount of followers) hey, I'm here! But I would truly love to know who is reading--even if it's just my lovely "real life" friends :)

So: I owe y'all pictures, anecdotes, documentation. This won't be hard to provide, as my picture-taking hasn't exactly slowed down! I'm jumping back into blogging starting tomorrow.


  1. Hey Bri
    It's Ashley from WAAL. I love reading your posts, especially the ones about La Crosse. I can't wait to read about your first year in library school and what great shops and adventures you find in Bloomington. I see you are near Madison for a bit. Drop Tomissa or I a note if you ever feel like grabbing a beer or coffee!

  2. Bri! I love reading your blog!! I am so excited to see pictures and don't worry I will continue to read this so I can keep up and in touch with your life :) Hope all is well at home!

  3. I am Sandy, and I found you in my hubby's heart

  4. I'm still checking in...looked like things were slowing to a crawl there but then i realized you were hitting your fridge to do list -- library blog!

    I liked your first post back about getting nervous for your teaching assignment as i remember the feeling all too well - not prepared, didn't do the homework, a feeling of dread. Luckily that's in the past. I did do some homework though just now on Virginia Woolf as I can't say i've actually read anything of hers - luckily I got the quick overview on Wikipedia so I probably don't need to read the book now ;).

    As for your blog, i wouldn't worry too much about pandering to your readers, or crickets, whatever they may be. This blog is yours, so it should be what you want to write about! Now if only you would put that writing talent to use and publish some short stories!


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