Wednesday, August 17, 2011

vintage sheet love

My vintage sheet hoarding collection has been growing like crazy lately. I had limited luck at the La Crosse thrift stores, but yesterday in Madison I hit the jackpot and brought armfuls more home. I'm still deciding what patterns I'm going to use, but I think it's time to start cutting them up!

Today I thought I'd give you a virtual tour of my ever-growing collection. They used to just sit in a pile but now they've all been washed so I've been having way too much fun organizing them.

First up: pillowcases!

Pillowcases are cute; they have all the charm of a giant sheet without the mass. Easy to fold and store, I've found myself enamored.

The vintage sheet patterns I've found tend to be either mostly white with floral accents or a more saturated, colorful print.

These are some of my misfit pillowcases--they're the softest, thinnest pillowcases, almost tissuelike in their delicacy. I plan to use them until they're completely worn out, but they won't be cut up. I found these in a giant bag of mystery textiles I bought at the Viroqua flea market.

flat sheets

My only pair of non-floral vintage sheets so far, both in the same color scheme.

I prefer flat sheets to fitted sheets (easier to fold and store pre-cutting).

fitted sheets

See what I mean? This lump of fitted sheets that I attempted to fold isn't nearly as aesthetically pleasing as my flat sheets, but I'll take 'em any day.

etsy indulgence

A few weeks before I left La Crosse, I bought some precut 6 inch vintage sheet squares off etsy from whimsiedots. Oops.

My old address. Nice try, creepers.

I ordered a pack of yellows and the "flower power" pack. I wasn't disappointed!

So, I've confessed and shown the evidence of my new favorite hobby. I'm enthralled and I've got lovely plans that I cannot yet divulge :)

I will likely use Jeni from In Color Order's tutorial on how to cut up vintage sheets. I'd like to whip up a patchwork for the new apartment this week.

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