Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Our Bloomington apartment has rapidly become home for Neil and me. The summer months we spent in a house that (while full of awesome people) was the home of bugs, bats, and mice has primed us for our state of bliss, although I think we'd have loved it no matter what. This apartment has been the top reason for our smooth transition to Indiana. Our stuff (well, let's be honest, 95% is mine) seems natural in this space, the random collections and colors and patterns. Neil gave me free rein to do whatever I wanted, and oh boy, I have. For the first few days here we worked tirelessly to locate, unpack, rearrange, you name it. We've now settled into a state of maintenance, simply making slight adjustments to the main area. Meanwhile, the bedroom and practicing/meditation/sewing room are still in flux. I'll give you a virtual tour of what I've done with the living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Our living room/kitchen area is all open, which makes it feel spacious for just the two of us.

The floor-to-ceiling built in bookshelves were a big selling point for the place, and as you can see we haven't even managed to fill it. I pared down my books for the move, forgetting just how massive the bookcase was. Oops. I guess this just means room for more acquisitions!

My beloved yellow chair provides a pop of color to the room. I finished binding the quilt on the right shortly after we moved in and the quilt on the left was a housewarming gift from my supremely talented mother.

This is a photo I took last week during the picture hanging phase of our move. I think Neil looks particularly cute--certainly more lovable than when he is walking around complaining and leaving the seat up! This photo also helps convey the hypnotizing power these comfy couches have to lure grad students to sleep...

The living room. As I put together this blog post I realized I didn't have a photo from this angle, so I had to march from my perch on the couch and take one. (Neil is preparing for an upcoming talented guitarist boyfriend already nabbed one!)

We have our own space to cook! We have a dishwasher! Life deserves exclamation points these days!

 Fell for this shower curtain at Target and luckily it goes with my flea market find owl embroidery :)

Those are the big views, but if you know me at all you know I like the little details, the knickknacks, the tchotchkes...

Books, fabric, sewing paraphernalia, glasses--the odds and ends of a lovely life. Is it completely transparent that I am hoping to lure some Wisconsin visitors to Bloomington?


  1. I will visit! It just is a matter of when. Your place looks great too. I hope classes and work are going well!

  2. I'm so glad you have this blog! I feel like am fully updated as to the state of your apartment. I love LOVE that bookshelf!
    Glad to hear everything is going well!
    <3 miss you adventure friend <3

  3. Wow, your place looks great, very you! Glad to hear that you two are settling in nicely!

  4. Nice crib!! I love these pics, particularly the one where you share Mark S.'s number with the WWW :-)


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