Wednesday, July 6, 2011

la crosse yarnbombing

Have you ever heard of yarnbombing?

It's the super awesome practice of bringing dull public spaces to life with a bit of yarn... sort of like colorful, removable graffiti. I've seen a lot of gorgeous images of yarnbombings that occurred big cities like New York City and London and I've always been awed by them. With that said, imagine my surprise and delight at spotting a yarnbomber's handiwork on the bike rack of the La Crosse Public Library this past week! A yarnbomber at work in my very own city.

When I envision the La Crosse yarnbombers, I imagine a posse of saucy, unashamedly irreverent crafty chicks who sit in a living room drinking Spotted Cows while plotting their next target. What statue, sign, or monument will be the next to be graced by their designs? One has blue hair, one wears only 70s-era jumpsuits, one has bright, pretty tattoos of pin-up girls on her arms. They wear hipster glasses and sneak out in the middle of the night to finish up the mission; their crimson lipstick never so much as smudges. They are consummate yarnbombing pros.

 Obviously I have no idea who they really are, but I do know that this rogue knitter/s ranks pretty high in my mind. Whoever you are, I'd be forever indebted if you take me under your wing and make me your yarnbombing apprentice. I will gladly do any grunt work in exchange for being taught how to knit more than a simple scarf, as I simply cannot learn from those freaking "helpful" how-to manuals.

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