Thursday, July 14, 2011

picnic at riverside park with neil

Last night Neil and I went on a picnic to Riverside Park. Temperatures lingered in the 70s as we ate sandwiches, oranges, and strawberries and Brie by the Mississippi. I will miss it here when I'm gone.

Neil is leaving at noon today for his weekend of gigs, so I've said my goodbyes to him. I'm gearing up for a rowdy weekend with much-loved people. Tonight it seems like I will end up going downtown with just my friend Lexi, whom I've known since the sixth grade. I couldn't be more delighted for some one-on-one time. Friday night will be the time of true logistical downtown chaos, with friends coming from out of town and such to go to the bars. And Saturday night will be a Cops & Robbers themed birthday party at my friend JohnaLee's. Not sure what I'm going to wear yet...

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