Sunday, June 19, 2011

during my blogging absence...

My little sister graduated from high school! 

My dad spray painted the yard with a giant University of Wisconsin symbol for Whitney's graduation party.

My family posed for plenty of group pictures.

Neil played guitar for my grandpa.

We had a roaring bonfire in the backyard.

My brother Conner won a skateboarding competition. He beat more than 30 skateboarders and is now sponsored by Focus Skate Shop in Madison! I couldn't be prouder.

I did a lot of thrifting in the Madison area. More on that coming later this week!

When I wasn't thrifting, I was cleaning out old boxes. I found these library receipts from up to five years ago. (Pretty sure I was destined to become an archivist...)

 I returned to La Crosse two days ago and Neil and I went on a long, meandering bike ride on a nearby trail. I dusted this pretty thing off after about a year of non-use.

Yesterday I went to the Rendezvous/flea market in Prairie du Chien with my grandparents. I have a lot of photos to share from that adventure, plus pictures of last week's thrifting finds!   

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