Tuesday, June 28, 2011

neil gets a haircut

On Saturday, I accompanied the boyfriend to Cost Cutters so he could get his mane cut off.


So bowlcut-esque. I almost wish I could have convinced him to keep it like this for a day. But then again, maybe not.


Ta-da! (FYI, after taking this picture and noticing the uneven bangs he had going on, I told him and we made sure the stylist evened it out!)

Neil is much happier with his newly shorn locks. He has been growing his hair out for about six months, the longest he's ever not cut it for. I liked his medium-long hair, but by the time he got it cut it was definitely getting too long. It was always in his eyes. It was heavy. Now he once again looks like the Neil I met four-ish years ago, when we were youngins in high school.


  1. Your camera has really good picture quality...your pictures are so clear and bright!

    Neil definitely looks like his high school self again, and I'm glad you noticed the bangs were crooked in the picture; it was the first thing I noticed! lol

  2. At first I thought it was just a weird camera angle but then I was like, nope, those are definitely crooked. And then he was hesitant to ask the stylist to trim them so I stepped in! There was no way I was letting him leave like that, haha.


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