Monday, June 20, 2011

organizing my button stash

I love colorful things, I love tactile things I can sift my hands through and play with, I love objects I can create with. It naturally follows that I should love buttons.

The vibrant colors were striking against my recently bought $19.99 Urban Outfitters duvet cover (clearance!). I own three large glass jars from Hobby Lobby that I rediscovered in my Sun Prairie bedroom while I was home, so I decided to sort my buttons by color and give them new homes in the roomy jars. I love the simplicity of sorting the buttons by color. It's soothing.

I've since combined the yellows, reds and pinks and the greens and blues. I'll need to buy one last big jar, so for now the blues and greens are living in a significantly smaller jar. I love the way they look just as decor; I doubt I'll ever find uses for all these buttons. Possible button-related crafts that I do see in my future are a button-embellished cardigan and/or button bouquets. Maybe a lampshade with lots of buttons stitched on, or perhaps cards like these.

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