Saturday, June 4, 2011

librarything & goodreads

Yesterday while I was cruising Jezebel I came across a link that discussed how to make the most of summer reading. I've been playing around with GoodReads a bit already and the article alerted me to the existence of LibraryThing, so now I have accounts with both sites!

My first impression of GoodReads was that the interface seemed dated, and I noticed that the site was slow. I was also completely confused after opening an account as to what steps I should take. LibraryThing's aesthetics are better, in my opinion, but because I've only added a few books so far I'm in no position to judge overall usability yet. I assumed initially that after a week or so of using both I'd pick one and stick with it, but maybe not. Apparently some people use both. I'm open to that idea, I guess: I've always been a super-nerdy organizer of objects, especially books, so why not?

I joined a few groups on each site: Goodreads Librarians on GR and Archivists on LibraryThing, Atwoodians, and Librarians Who LibraryThing on LT. I'm interested in using these sites for my own purposes (i.e., cataloging my personal library and keeping track of books I want to read) but I'd also like to  learn how librarians are using these sites. Social bookmarking is a fun concept to explore and I can maybe even convince myself that I am doing future library student research :)

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